Comic 117 - Happy Birthday, LordWormm!

17th Aug 2018, 12:44 PM
Happy Birthday, LordWormm!
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Xailenrath 17th Aug 2018, 12:44 PM edit delete
A little something for LordWormm!

We're either a few days early, or a few days late, depending on which social media you follow, but, either way - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The Misfits of Mischief visit your local space bar (if your idea of "local" is within 119 Light Years!) and pass the time with a gaggle of young, attractive aliens while waiting for the next intergalactic shuttle to pull out for parts unknown.

Bjorn chats up a Churmarian lass, while Quinn entertains a lovely Pidra lady. Monroe has his hands full with a fun couple of Paciffrons.

Churmarians, Pidra and Paciffrons are all alien races created by the talented Mr. Bowman!