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29th Jul 2020, 11:02 AM in Deities
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Phoenix In Crisis
Phoenix In Crisis
Behold the majesty that is Zeus, King of Olympus!!
"Majesty" may be too strong a word.

The Misfits of Mischief have run into and run afoul of various versions of Zeus in many a reality!
They've met a Zeus who was an alcoholic sheriff of an Old West type town because his son, Hercules, kicked him off Olympus.
There was a Zeus who was sort of a Mafia Don of a group of Earth-bound Olympians who'd lost most of their god-power and set up shop in Chicago.
There was even a Zeus who was a shape-shifting serial killing circus clown in the 1970s of that Earth.

In about 94% of parallel realities, Zeus is a creep!
He seems to love tormenting humanity, and has an even bigger libido than Bjorn, but, unlike our favorite ponytailed trickster, Zeus isn't much for consent. He generally prefers hypnotism, manipulation, lies, blackmail, impersonation and sometimes even force.
The Misfits have, thus far, only met three 'good Zeuses' in their travels.
One of them is now dead, slain by his father, Kronos via being devoured, after the Titans returned to that Earth in its year 2247.
The other is still out there, somewhere, but, having lost his seat as King of Olympians to his brother, Poseidon, he has been exiled to Earth, and masquerades as a superhero in that reality's Australia.
The last of the benevolent Zeuses lives on a parallel Earth where the Greek and Roman Pantheons went to war for the worship of that reality's Italian populace. On that Earth, some of the Greek gods were good, some were evil. The inverse was true for the Romans. In that reality, Zeus was a virtuous and stalwart god, whereas, his Roman twin and counterpart, Janus was the one who exemplified everything dispicable that we've come to associate with Zeus. That war was still raging when Bjorn, Quinn and Monroe left with the infant children of Heracles, who was about to slaughter them.

I designed the general look of Zeus as a cross between Zach Galifianakis and Ernest Borgnine.
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