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Way Back When

One of the earliest linear tales of the Misfits of Mischief

Good Deeds

The trio try to rack up some good karma by helping a person in need.... then it gets weird.

Crossed Over & Cameo'd

Our Favorite Knuckleheads meet and greet other webcomic folks

Bungle in the Jungle

The Misfits of Mischief meet Kaza & Gwenna


Various drawings of the trickster trio by other artists!


Tales From The Beholderverse!

The Worst World

A side tale of the Misfits crossing over into "The Worst World" Storyline from Deviantart friends

Groundhog's Day

retroactive shenanigans


fast, cheap and inconsequential

FuryCon 2018

The Misfits land at ComicFury's convention to find items of power!


Other gods, monsters and supernatural critters that The Misfits have encountered