The Worst World 001
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The Worst World 001
27th Nov 2018, 9:41 AM in The Worst World
Author Notes:
Some of our DeviantArt buds, via their shared superhero universes have an ongoing storyline called "The Worst World (via Cyberkitten01, be warned, it's kinda NSFW... and by "kinda", we mean "very"!).
Good Ol' Cosmic B, who has been awesome enough to include Our Cartoonist's own superheroes in his tales, has made a short comic about a certain trio of knuckleheads popping in (and OUT) of the "Worst World".

In story, the main shared superhero reality was invaded by the worst of all alternate universes, and almost all of that earth’s population and super heroes have been turned into creepy shadow creatures.

The Misfits-Of-Mischief, Quinn, Björn and Monroe, playful demigods that are traveling the multiverse, are taken by surprise when they want to revisit that world. But switching realities proves to be not that much better, in more than one way!

TheCosmicBeholder's most powerful heroine, Centennia and the often insufferable Captain Perfect had a relationship in the prime reality, but, it faltered, and they have each long since moved on.
In THIS, reality, however, it seems that they've stayed together, and even had a couple of (masked) kids!
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