The Worst World 006
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The Worst World 006
27th Nov 2018, 1:45 PM in The Worst World
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Author Notes:
And the Misfits Of Mischief are departing on a bold new journey into the unknown!
The Crease Between the Worlds is the starting point to explore unchartered realms that are not part of any of our realities.
Wish them luck!

That wraps up this little romp and hope you've all enjoyed it!

We Wholeheartedly thank The Cosmic Beholder for playing in our sandbox, and allowing us to play in his!
Go check out his superhero universe, and that of CyberKitten01 for more on The Worst World and other cool (and rather adult) stories!
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User comments:
Thank you for embracing this little romp! I loved working with these guys and adding something to their story! I'm quite pleased with this very random little group!
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