Hairy Christmas
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Hairy Christmas
25th Dec 2015, 9:26 PM in Deities
Author Notes:
Phoenix In Crisis
Phoenix In Crisis
“We don't even HAVE a chimney!”

Happy ‘Days of Relevance’ to everyone!

Quinn, Monroe and Bjorn meet the Santa of the parallel reality they're stuck in.
Apparently, This Santa handles the presents for all the grown-ups who have been good (or, y'know, NAUGHTY).

These are the kinda things the guys sleep in when they sleep at all. Or, when they aren't sleeping naked.
Says a lot about their personalities, I think.
Monroe “wears the pants in the family”, so, full PJ bottoms for him.
Quinn has the boxers, as he's sensible, but can cut loose from time to time.
Bjorn…. is Bjorn.
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