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Bjorn & Daren
31st Dec 2015, 9:30 PM in Way Back When
Author Notes:
Phoenix In Crisis
Phoenix In Crisis
Way Back When...

I was taking a “break” from working on my various comic projects that I was busy with at the time, and trying to develop 2 other comics for reasons that don't even make sense to ME…
I was thumbing thru my friend, ShadyMeadows' DeviantArt gallery, and got the urge to scribble this pic.
I was gonna color it later, when I needed another “break”, but she laid a coat of color to it herself, and I think it came out magnificently.

Bjorn - Misfits of Mischief.
Daren - Psychedelic Circumstances.

2020 Edit:
In the years since this was originally made the website on which Daren featured - "Psychedelic Circumstance" - has gone down.
But, guess who just recently began posting right here on ComicFury?!
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