A REALLY Happy Easter!
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A REALLY Happy Easter!
16th Apr 2017, 6:41 PM in Behold!
Author Notes:
We interrupt this storyline for this special fanart!

So, remember way back at Easter when Monroe, Quinn & Bjorn popped into the dimension known as the BEHOLDERVESE, yeah?
Of course ya do.

Well, the superheroes and heroines and villains and villainessessessessss of the Beholderverse being the 'frisky' sort that they are, and our trio of trickster troublemakers being the frisky sort that THEY are--

Well, what did you THINK was gonna happen? An Easter Egg hunt on the White House Lawn?
(Nah. That was a DIFFERENT universal crossover with another of my projects and another awesome ComicFury comic!)

This pic was commissioned by Paul "The Cosmic Beholder" Hoppe (an awesome chap) and the artwork was done by James "Cyberkitten01" Damaged. (also an awesome chap!)

I can't tell you how much I loved seeing this one - not just 'cause I'm a perv - but mainly because I am tickled pink when someone does fanart of my characters - ESPECIALLY the Misfits!
Emerald Valkyrie is a creation of CyberKitten01.

Professor Madison, Rodney the Alcoholic Rabbit and Wicked Witch Jesse are creations of The Cosmic Beholder

Monroe Coyote, Quinn Anansi and Bjorn Loki are creations of Johann-Octavius Gans
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