Another day, another parallel universe Earth.
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Another day, another parallel universe Earth.
9th Aug 2017, 10:59 PM
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Author Notes:
A typical example of how our trio of tricksters generally enters a Universe.
Usually in some small out-of-the-way space, too small for people to actually fit. The first person they meet is generally freaked the fuck out by them.

In this case, Bethany from Times Like This.

(Put down that axe, Hogan. This one doesn't count, as it will be repeated on the MAIN website that I am working on again later. THEN, you'll have cause to hunt me down. This is just sort of a placeholder! I promise!)

Then, off they toddle to take care of their purest of drives and motivations.
Entertainment. Alcohol. Nookie. Caffeine and/or sugar.
(Not necessarily in that order.)

After that, hijinks tend to ensue.
What kind if hijinks? Go check out Shelterville Shuffle for a prime example of what they get up to!
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